FMH Hematology

Read about the most important things attaining the specialist title "FMH Hematology" (as of October 2021).


6 years split up into:

  • 2 years general internal medicine (1 year in an A clinic)
  • 3 to 4 years Hematology (3 years in a hospital with laboratory diagnostic activity, at least 2 years in an A-clinic
  • Optional: 1 year oncology, pediatric hematology/oncology, MD PhD

Compulsory Courses

  • Communication Course (Krebsliga, ligue contre le cancer, lega contra il cancro)
  • Two Compulsory Courses according SGH/SHH 

  • SOHC


  • First or Last author of a "peer-reviewed" publication
  • Dissertation counts

Foreign Occupation

  • Up to two years can be accredited

Part Time 

  • Possbile, at least 50% pensum

FMH Examination

Consisting of an oral and a written part

Written Examination

  • Multiple Choice consisting of the "European Hematology Exam" from the EHA

Oral Examination

  • The written EHA-Examination must be passed prior to the registration
  • Exemplary process: Integrative discussion of findings of an example case at the microscope, discussion of diagnostics & therapeutic options using 2-3 case vignettes (benign and/or malignant hematology), analysis and interpretation of constellations/global tests of hemostaseology