FMH Medical Oncology

Read about the most important things attaining the specialist title "FMH Medical Oncology" (as of October 2021).


6 years split up into:

  • 2 years general internal medicine (1 year in category A, I or B)
  • 4 years Medical Oncology (2 years in a category A) 


  • 3 years Medical Oncology  (2 years in a category A) 

PLUS 1 year as listed below:

  • Research may be accredited if requested in Advance (counts as subject-specific, not as category A) or 1y of MD/PhD 
  • Optional: 1 year hematology, radio-oncology, pediatric hematology/oncology, pathology, palliative care

Compulsory Courses

  • doctor-patient-communication Course (Krebsliga, ligue contre le cancer, lega contra il cancro)
  • Palliative Care (accredited by and SGMO)
  • GCP Course (accredited by
  • Basic Course at the SOHC
  • Ethic Course (accredited by SGMO)


  • First or Last author of a "peer-reviewed" publication
  • Dissertation counts

Foreign Occupation

  • Up to two years can be accredited

Part Time 

  • Possbile, at least 50% pensum


  • Bone-marrow puncture (8)
  • Handling a port-à-cath or PICC-Line (8)
  • Tumorboard presentations (50)
  • Roundtable talks (6)

FMH Examination

Consisting of an oral and a written part, once per year. Three years of Medical Oncology are necessary for the oral exam

Written Examination

  • Multiple Choice Exam (ESMO)

Oral Examination

  • 1 clinical case, 2 smaller cases
  • Duration: 30-60 minutes