SHOOT Course - Challenge the Experts 2024

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18. Januar 2024

We happily invite you to the special educational workshop for emerging key opinion leaders in hematology (aka YOU). The workshop will help you learn more about clinical trial design and perfecting your presentation skills as well as great networking opportunities. The two day event is chaired by our board member Adalgisa, Condoluci, Noemie Lang and Martina Bertschinger.

SHOOT goes SOHC 2023

It was a great pleasure to meet new and old SHOOT members at the SOHC in Basel. Thank you for the lively discussions during our session on different ways into research and for joining our apéro afterwards.


Schweizer Onkologinnen Netzwerk

The next even of the "Schweizer Onkologinnen Netzwerk" will take place on the 16th of November 2023 in Zurich. Registration is possible via For further information contact us.

See you there!


SHOOT goes 2023

Happy to share our passion for oncology and hematology at the career congress for young doctors and medical students in Bern. Lots of great interactions and interesting discussions.
Hope to see some of the attendees joining our community in the future!


SHOOT Course

On the 1st of July, our second SHOOT Course - Challenge the experts in Lung cancer was held in Bern. Read about it in this article from oncotalks:

Schweizer Onkologinnen Netzwerk

We would like to draw your attention to the kick-off event of the newly formed Swiss female Oncology Network (SON). The event is in Zurich on 30.03.2023 and will be held in German. 
With Sibyl Schädeli there is a renowned expert for women's careers. By the way, female hematologists are also very welcome to attend the event. We hope to meet as many of you as possible during this event! 


SHOOT goes SOHC 2022

This year SHOOT was again able to organize a session at the SOHC. The focus was on the shortage of skilled workers and the needs of the younger generation. For this, SHOOT presented the results of an extensive survey on the current situation among young oncologists and hematologists. Talks were followed by a panel discussion where several ideas for tackling the emerging shortage of hematologists and oncologists were identified.

SHOOT, with your help, will continue to monitor this issue and continue to advocate for the working conditions of the younger generation.


SHOOT goes Medifuture 05.11.2022

Medifuture is a yearly career congress for medical students and young doctors in Bern. This year we had the chance to participate and promote the specialization training for oncology and hematology. Throughout the day we had multiple opportunities to interact with the participants and share the passion for our work. We feel the conversations helped the young doctors and students in their decision making process. Hopefully, we could inspire some of them too choose a career in the oncology/ hematology field.


09.04.22: SPEC-SSH Course for plasma cell disorders opens for oncologists in training!

The SPEC-SSH courses (Structured Postgraduate Education Courses from the Swiss Society of Hematology) have been a major part of the hematologic training for residents in Switzerland over the last couple of years. The courses are on Saturdays, free of charge, and the feedback was thoroughly positive – organized mainly bei Prof. A. Tichelli (University Hospital Basel) and Prof. A. Rovo (Inselspital Bern). As a similar format does not yet exist for trainees in oncology, the organizers were willing to open the event for interested oncologic residents whenever hemato-oncologic topics are discussed.

On April 9th the next SPEC will take place in Bern with the topic “plasma cell disorders”. As a first attempt of a new format up to 20 oncologic trainees will be accepted. The experience of the last years shows that the content of the courses is highly relevant for written and oral exams, also in oncology. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to get an optimal preparation free of charge. Furthermore, the event is a chance to build your own network in oncology and haematology.
If you’re interested you can sign up and get more information via
As the number of participants is limited to 50 (30 trainees from hematology, 20 trainees from oncology) there is the “first come, first served” principal.

SHOOT goes SOHC 2021

From 18th to 20th November 2021 the “Swiss Oncology and Hematology Congress” (SOHC) took place at the “Circle Convention Center Zurich Airport”. Among other very interesting presentations about oncology and hematology at the SOHC, two events organized by SHOOT were held.


First, an aperitif was offered for all interested members and guests of SHOOT on Friday evening. Then, second, the first session of SHOOT was conducted on Saturday morning, led by Friederike Vetter and Eveline Daetwyler, as co-chairs. This first session was structured into three parts and shed light on a career in oncology and hematology at three different phases: the beginning of a career (speaker: Dr. A. Condoluci), the middle phase (speaker: Prof. Dr. A. Wicki) and the end phase reached after long experience (speaker: Prof. Dr. M. Bargetzi). These presentations were very interesting and gave us various inputs to help us plan and structure our future careers. The event was very well attended, despite being held early on Saturday morning, and we received a great deal of positive feedback.


In summary, we achieved the goal we set ourselves: networking with other oncologists and hematologists, recruiting new members to our new organization, and gathering information for future SHOOT events. We are greatly looking forward to the next events.


See you soon, Eveline Daetwyler and Friederike Vetter