Swiss Hematologists and Oncologists Of Tomorrow

All interested oncologists and hematologists in training as well as young specialists 

are hereby cordially invited to join or contact us. 

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Our Vision

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Read our positionpaper to learn more about our vision and goals for the young hematologists and oncologists in Switzerland. 

FMH Hematology / Medical Oncology

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We collected the most important information about attaining the specialist title FMH Hematology or Medical Oncology. 

Our Team

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At the moment we are a team of eight motivated and dedicated people trying to take SHOOT to the next level.

Don't miss this opportunity!

05.11.22: SPEC-SSH Course for acute leucemia open for oncologists in training!

Our Visions

Promotion and Networking of Young Hematologists and Oncologists

Maintaining the High Quality of Continuing Education

Promotion of Women

Improving the Compatibility of Career and Family with the Promotion of part-time Models

Continuous Exchange with International Organizations such as DGHO, ESMO and EHA

Resilience and Burnout Prevention 

Education about Different Career Models

Promotion of Research Activities